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Rain Penetrating Over Windows and Doors

Rainwater entering your walls and entering internally into your dwelling causing damp above windows, doors and water on the window sills, can be caused by numerous problems:

  • Pointing missing
  • Lintel missing above opening causing brickwork to sag.
  • Holes in wall from previous pipes and fixings.
  • Porous bricks and mortar joints.
  • No D.P.C tray above openings.
  • No weep holes above the lintels
  • Rainwater penetrating the walls may only happen when the wind is blowing in a certain direction
  • On the defected wall.

In spring 2104 we received a phone call from a customer in North Leeds asking if we could solve a problem they were having with water getting into their property.

When the wind and rain was driving in a certain direction on to the front gable wall rain was penetrating through the brickwork outside skin into the cavity and on to the top of the windows and doors internally, then dripping onto the window cills. The property had recently been re-pointed and had a new roof put on hoping to put a stop to this huge problem, unfortunately the problem remained with them after huge amounts of money had been spent hoping to eliminate this problem.

Upon our site visit we inspected the roof, this had been constructed correctly and showed no signs of any faults which could be contributing to this problem. We then inspected the pointing which upon our initial inspection looked like a neat and tidy job had been done, however I asked for permission to remove some of the new pointing in areas and found that the existing mortar joints had not been removed to a correct depth, we also found holes which had been previously drilled for cavity wall insulation had not been filled with mortar correctly, on a closer inspection we noticed they didn’t appear to be any D.P.C trays or weep holes over the lintels.

To solve the problem we firstly removed the mortar joints to the gable wall to a depth of 25mm minimum, the brickwork above the existing lintels was removed, we then noticed an existing D.P.C tray which was damaged and fitted incorrectly by others when installing the lintels. We installed new D.P.C trays and weep holes, we then re-instated brickwork, we then pointed the gable end with sand/cement mortar adding a Stormdry re-pointing additive N02, which gives the mortar water repelling and resistance to hard driven rain. We then protected the wall with Stormdry Masonry Cream, this penetrates deeply into masonry before curing to form a breathable and colourless water repellent barrier.

Mission complete - this problem was solved!  If we had been the first call made, our client would of saved thousands of pounds and lots of stress.

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